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Dear Andy

I'm someone who can stand up for myself and I do, but at times I worry my approach may be too aggressive?
Approach Too Aggressive

Dear Approach Too Aggressive
Aggressive behavior is usually perceived as invasive or threatening. If you stand up for yourself in a politely assertive manner without encroaching on others' rights, you'll likely be doing what is best for you, but not in an aggressive way.

Dear Andy

Having been raised with brothers, I learned how to say I wasn't going to be pushed around at a young age. Now as an adult, I wonder somtimes if my behavior, not allowing myself to be pushed around whether at work or in my personal life, is seen by some as less than feminine?
Less Than Feminine?

Dear Less Than Feminine?

If you are trying to be assertively feminine without being overly aggressive, you will likely achieve the correct balance. You should garner respect with that approach---but not fear or an abrasive reputation---both in your personal life and at work.


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