Book List for Tuesday August 8

  • Assertiveness at Work: a practical guide to handling awkward situations
    Ken & Kate Back, McGraw-Hill, 2005

    A self-training book designed to meet manager's needs for work situation applications. It provides practical suggestions for developing assertiveness in a range of familiar situations, in a way that minimises conflict and stress.

  • Believing in Yourself - A practical guide to building Self-confidence
    Eric Blumenthal, One World Publications, 1997

    Draws on real-life examples, offering strategies intended to help gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and more self-confidence.

  • Asserting Yourself: How to Feel Confident about Getting More from Life
    Cathy Birch, How to Books, 1999

    This book offers a variety of techniques to help transform unhealthy, defensive behaviours into productive and assertive ones.


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