Another blog of mine
was just reviewed by a blog
called Flock Entrprize:

Blog Critique #5

Aching Back Relaxed

Got some sore pains in the middle of your back that your just dying to get rid of? Dont know what to do or how to treat it? Just visit this blog and you will find out all the information you need to know from a 10 year profesional. Just sitting and reading some of the posts makes me want to keep up with this blog and try out some of the ways to relieve pain. Onto the template of the blog, I like how you have put you own mix into the sidebars and have even put in some google ads. It all looks pretty decent, except for the one small long and skinny Ad which with Firefox createst a horizontal scroll bar, which I'm not really a fan of. Mixing it up with Amazon and some other ads for other sites brings a cool look. Some of the alternating colors in the posts I'm also not really a fan of, but if that floats you boat than make sure to bring the paddle. Overall I like the site and its unique flavor and content. A job well done.


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