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Dear Andy

Because of probably being too passive a person, I worry that I'm missing out on work-related opportunities, and yet I'm an ambitious person.
Probably Too Passive

Dear Probably Too Passive

Being too passive does often lead to lost opportunities at work, possibly even missed promotions, and failures in one's personal life. Your awareness of the need to be more assertive is a start. Now be open to the next step to learn and to be assertive in a polite and appropriate way.

You might suggest a project that you know would mean progress in your business and offer to head the project. This should lead to more success in life and less resentment about letting the parade pass you by.


Dear Andy

I fear being aggressive and unattractive in the way I express myself, as I don't like strident people.
Fear Being Aggressive

Dear Fear Being Aggressive

Sometimes it does take practice and self-awareness to be certain you are communicating in a politely assertive way, as opposed to a strident or aggressive manner. If you empathize with others and be alert to demanding or domineering flaws in self-expression, you will likely see and feel a difference in yourself and very quickly.


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