Shakespeare Warned of B.O.:
Bad Odors of Comparisons

Shakespeare said approximately, comparisons are odious or odorus.
I say both.

Yet everyone does compare themselves to others, specially friends and acquaintaces, sometimes even more foolishly, celebrities and people in the news. Stop it.

You are your own unique self and you can't logically compare yourself to anyone else.
Comparisons often are either negative self-talk to tear yourself down or inner bragging telling yourself your better than someone else.

Neither is useful. Use your time better and simply appreciate what and who you are. Spend that time working to be even more than you are today, and you will find even more success pouring into your life until your "cup" starts that delicious running over.

Comparing yourself to other is a self-defeating game. When you hear that inner negative talk, immediately turn it off and start counting your successes, the very good reasons you have for being more self-confident today and having more self-esteem.

You'll love how it looks on you.


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