Some really good news:

2 of my blogs were reviewed

on "Critique My Blog" this week,

and here's the review----

Paint some happy trees!

Both blogs are about positive energy.
The posts are inspiring and thought
provoking and the goal is to help the
reader succeed in life. The photos in
the waterfall blog are great and make
me want to walk right through some
of them to feel the mist. Both blogs are
worth a look as the posts are well written
and helpful.


At 10:59 AMPERMALINK, Blogger txdave said...

If you have a blog you would like reviewed, click on Review Your Blog in my links.

Just give me the URL of your blog in comment section and you will see a review of your blog right here in just a few days: some positive things about your blog and maybe a suggestion or two. You'll like what you see.


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