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A famous actor once said in a commercial: "Self-confidence is very sexy, don't you think?" Of course, he was right.

When you've met someone and felt drawn to what you might call their magnetism, haven't they always projected a sense of self-confidence? They were magnetic because of a strong self image and were anything but passive.Such magnetism is the very thing that makes some, if not most, people popular. They have lots of friends because their confidence is attractive, even sexy, and draws people to them. Passive people seldom project that same kind of magnetism.

What can you do if you want to make more new friends? Be more self-confident, show people you like yourself and have a good self image. How? One way is being warm and open when you meet someone and looking them in the eyes.That sounds so simple, but many people do the opposite. They seem cold and their eyes look away because they lack self-esteem.

Interestingly, all of the above is true for someone making a speech: you want to project warmth and openness as you approach the speaking platform and look out at your audience. Passivity screams weak self image, unsure of yourself.

Also, every good speaker looks the audience in the eyes, one by one if in a small crowd, but even in a larger group the best speakers connect with their eyes, as well as their voices, thus projecting warmth and self-confidence.

That is not only successful, but also sexy, whether you want an audience of 1 or 100 to like and accept you.


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