Surprise! Self-Congratulations Is a Key To Growing Self-Confidence

A few minutes of self-congratulations is anything but indulgent, it's the very least you deserve and the most helpful shield you can have against negative self-talk, which lowers self-esteem. Thanks yous and congratulations aren't just for others.

In fact, you'll draw others to yourself and hear them saying thank you for so many things if, indeed, you are diligent about congratulating yourself for successes. This counts toward your necessary daily inventory of self-confidence and savoring your many victories.

Savor and watch others be drawn to you like moths to the flame because self-confidence is very sexy, don't you think? Some consider it immodest to bask in the glittering glow of their own success.

So don't look too impressed with yourself, but inside give lingering consideration to another notch of success, another victory on the bedpost of your imagination.

A famous actress once said of her longtime partner in life that he woke happy every morning. If you wake and begin your daily inventory of the success and good in your life, you'll get a happy start to your day---even if you don't wake up with a famous actress in your arms.

You have something actually better: your own deeply appreciated self and why of all the people in the world shouldn't you love yourself? If you don't, you can't truly love anyone else.


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At 8:24 AMPERMALINK, Blogger Mitch said...

Gratitude for simple things is what my mother taught me - she is a very humble eighty-five year old woman. She taught me to be happy with simple things such as a hot shower and food for breakfast. She taught me to be content with a warm bed and being nice to everyone. I feel that much of my confidence has come from always remembering these things. The best to you. Mitch

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