Celebrate Each and Every Success

A key to overcoming anxiety or whatever is getting in your path to more progress is to celebrate your successes. Small successes form the foundation of greater successes and happiness. Celebrate them!

Think of your 'inner power' as a muscle just like any other muscle. The more you use it, the more toned it becomes and the more you are able to accomplish. Every time you practice a healthy life strategy, you actually increase your ability to conquer your anxiety. What you couldnÌt do yesterday, you can do today. With practice, your new skills will become automatic. The more you practice healthy life strategies, the more you are able to prevent false alarms that set off your fight or flight response and result in anxiety.

With continued practice and a commitment to changing for the better, you will continue to become more skilled in conquering your anxiety and creating the life you want. Remember, any positive change is a reason to celebrate!


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